Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Napa as many of you know was hit with a 6.0 earthquake that was shattering to many people’s homes and wineries. Many came out less scathed, but for many more the damage is real and at this point unquantifiable. One of the pictures that has been at the forefront of showcasing the damage of the earthquake is of the barrel room for Steve and Jill Matthiasson. Two of the kindest and most welcoming people in Napa as well as two of the most progressive, talented and creative winemaking professionals out there. They don’t know how much damage will be unsurfaced as they lift each full 600 pound oak barrel of wine up. They are happy that their family is healthy and they are pushing forward and not giving up.

Countless others are in similar situations – Lagier Meredith, Hess Collection, Trefethen, Saintsbury, BR Cohn and many more will come out in the news in the next days.

2 custom crush facilities were hit where small producers who don’t have wineries of their own store their barrels.

There is a campaign being started #drinknapa. As a city that still supports California wine above all other categories I hope we can find ways to lead the way in supporting these small to mid sized producers who were hit by the earthquake. What would happen if we poured these by the glass? How can we use social media to let Napa know that we stand beside them in their struggle and that though we are far away we want them to know that they are in our minds and hearts? Lets start with #drinknapa and begin a conversation.

We all go full circle in likes and dislikes about wine. Things float in and out of vogue. But people never do. And neither do their dreams. Lets do our best to support our friends and their art.

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