Sunday, July 13, 2014

Passion by Paul Greico

Unrelated to the Chicago Wine Community, but exactly what squire wine co is about.  Paul Greico spoke at the Welcome Conference in NYC (the link is below) and towards the end of his speech he said our job is to not just say yes, but to take the guest on a journey and to tell a story.  We are not cork pullers we are here to give the greatest service to the guest which is to educate and excite, to invigorate the dining experience, and to make strong choices on our lists that involve conversation.

Our job as wine professionals is not to offer the comfort of wines that people know, but to use our knowledge and skills in service to say no I don't have Silver Oak, but do you like Silver Oak from Napa valley or from Alexander valley?  The wines do taste similar but the fruit is a little different and I'd love to point you towards a California Cabernet that would fit you best.  We need to know Silver Oak.  We can't act out against a wine just cause it's popular.  We need to know why it's popular.  What is that flavor profile?  If we do this we can understand the guest, comfort the guest, talk to the guest, and end up giving the guest what they want even if Silver Oak is not on the label and we had to start from a no to get to a yes.

These nos can create a yes.  A relationship between the wine professional and the guest and also with a new wine/winery.  If we do what we do well, they will want to follow that wine and order it at other venues.  If we do what we do well, they will want to visit us again and when they come in we will remember them and get the opportunity to say,  "I know you liked that last time, but you're not having it again you're having this."  This gives the guest a sense of excitement for each time they come to the restaurant/wine bar.  It gives them a sense of this is my place and this is my guy/girl.

Please watch the video below.  Paul is a true innovator and rebel in our community.  Visit Hearth and Terroir if you are in NYC.  The wine lists are exciting.

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